Thursday 23 August 2018

What is the best way to connect your HP Printer to Mac?

Everyone knows that connecting a printer to a computer and Mac are two different entities. Unlike computers, MacBook from Apple contains two USB ports which are used while connecting to your Printing device. Every Mac operating system comes with installed software and drivers that has been used by many printing devices. This is generally its plus point that you don’t have to install extra software for connecting your printing device to Mac. After adding your printing device to the Mac, you will automatically recognize the printer whenever you have a connection with it.
Printing devices too have distinction in the method connecting to a Mac. When HP printers are concerned, they come with a totally different method when you want to set up a suitable connection between HP Printer and Mac. You need to follow the steps below for connecting your HP Printer to MacBook:
·   As the first step, you need to proceed to the Apple menu and click on Software Update for checking any printer updates available. In case, you are having problems related to it, call the technical support team which is available at HP Printer Customer Care Number UK 0808-169-1988 and resolve whatever problem you have been through.
·   Thereafter, you need to turn on the HP printer and connect it to the device with the USB cable that comes with the printer.
·     After that, you must proceed to the Apple menu that is present in the upper left corner of the screen and choose System Preferences. Then, you must click on the icon for Print and Fax.
·       Now, you can open the lock icon that is available in the lower left corner of the screen by clicking on it. Thereafter, input an administrator user name and password on the onscreen dialog box.
·       And then, you have to press the plus icon that is present below the Printers menu on the left side of the screen.
·       And then choose the HP printer from the long list of Printer Name and press on Add.
When the problem is not yet resolved, you need to take the right action against it. HP Printer Contact Number UK 0808-169-1988 is the desired network for resolving whatever problem you have been through. They will take care of the issues your device creates for you. Moreover, they know how to rightly deal with these circumstances.

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